Dominique-Francois Gazielly M.D

Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery

Associate-Professor of Tia Tong Shanghai University

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Welcome to Swapnil Karande

Welcome to Swapnil Karande ,MD. , Orthopaedic Surgeon , Assistant - Professor at the Jabalpur's hospital, India.He will stay with us during 3 months to improve his practice in the field of Shoulder Surgery and Arthroscopy

Thirty years of shoulder!

October 1st, 1986 : I participated in the opening of the first European Shoulder Unit in the Jomayère Clinic in Saint-Étienne (France )... October 1st, 2016 : I am in charge of the Shoulder Center in the Genolier Clinic(Switzerland), after developing the shoulder surgery during 10 years at the Jouvenet Hand Institute in Paris (France ).

Today, celebrating 30 years as an orthopaedic surgeon exclusively dedicated to shoulder pathology and rehabilitation, I am proud to have allowed about 6 500 patients to recover, through a successful operation, a functional and sportive shoulder, and helped more than 26 000 patients only through a specific rehabilitation.

During these years of hard work, I headed honest and reliable clinical researches, but mostly transfered my knowledge and my ethics to numerous of young fellows from all over the world.

My expertise, acquired along 30 years of experience and facing a growing surgical interventionism among my young colleagues, allows me to reassure the patients and stay truthful to my credo :

  • It takes 5 years to learn how to operate a shoulder.
  • It takes 10 years to learn how to be "good" at operating a shoulder.
  • It takes 20 years to learn when "not" to operate on a shoulder... "

Conférence publique Epaule douloureuse : le bistouri n’est pas l’unique solution...

Le Docteur Dominique-François Gazielly, Chirurgien Orthopédiste FMH et Responsable du Centre de l'Epaule de la Clinique Genolier, a le plaisir de vous convier à la conférence publique qui se déroulera le mardi 9 février 2016 au restaurant de la Clinique « La Pergola », Chemin des Allinges 10, 1006 Lausanne.

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Shoulder pain : some solutions exist

First cause of medical consultation with a specialist, shoulder pain can really make your life unpleasant, daytime and at night. Dr Dominique Gazielly M.D., orthopedic surgeon in charge of the Shoulder Center in the Clinic Genolier (Swiss Medical Network), tells us more about this complex joint.

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Welcome to Alisher Khayrullaev,M.D


Welcome to Alisher Khayrullaev,M.D , Orthopaedic Surgeon in Moskow 's Pirogov Hospital  !
He has been selected for our Shoulder Fellowship. 
We will teach him during 6 months in the  field of shoulder surgery and shoulder  rehabilitation. 
Transmission of our shoulder's  expérience to young colleagues and education is an important part of our daily professional activity...

XI Congress of the Russian Arthroscopic Society


We have been invited as a speaker to participate to the “Moskow Shoulder Course “, who was organized by Dr Evgeniy Goncharov at the Russian Academy of Sciences , on April 22-23,2015.

Dr Gazielly Moskow

- We did two presentations :

  • "Anterior instability : Decision Making"
  • "Latarjet Procedure : Complications Management"

- We performed a live surgery : Arthoscopic Cuff Repair


Vreden's Readings Scientific Conference

We had the honour to be invited as a speaker to the "Vreden's Readings Scientific Conference " ,which was held in St-Petersburg  October 9-11, 2014.

Shoulder session was organized by Sergey Dokolin, MD, PhD.

We did four presentations :

  • Latarjet-Patte triple locking procedure for recurrent anterior instability of the shoulder in athletes
  • Specific and manual post-operative rehabilitation is the key for successful arthroscopic and opened shoulder surgery.An experience of 26 years
  • Shoulder arthroplasty overview
  • The cancellous compaction technique enhances the long-term survival of the glenoid component in Total Shoulder Replacement

We had the pleasure to visit the great city and its surroundings (Peterhof, TsarskoieSelo, Pavlovsk )



Fellowship in Shoulder surgery

GSMN Fellowship Genolier

Fellowship in Shoulder Surgery at Genolier Swiss Medical Network/GSMN

Welcome to our first Shoulder Fellowship created for a qualified orthopedic surgeon who wants to specialize in shoulder surgery.


The Shoulder Fellowship organized by the GSMN Group and more specifically by four of its units at the Clinique de Genolier, at the Clinique Générale, at the Hôpital de la Providence and the Clinica Ars Medica.


The Shoulder Fellowship will last 12 months in Switzerland and will be divided in three periods:

- 4 months at the Clinique de Genolier (Geneva) with Dr D. -F. Gazielly and Dr B. Bedat

- 4 months at the Clinique Générale (Fribourg) with Dr G. Kohut and the Hôpital de la Providence (Neuchâtel) with Dr C.Manueddu

- 4 months at Clinica Ars Medica (Lugano) with Dr D. Togninalli and Dr J. -C. Sedran

During those twelve months, the fellow surgeon will attend all surgical procedures involving the shoulder, participate at orthopedic meetings, radiological meetings and teaching sessions, have the opportunity to observe outpatient clinics and get insight in pre- and post-operative rehabilitation programs. It is possible to participate in a scientific project.

We do offer free housing and free meals; the fellow surgeon will also receive a free pass for travelling by train in Switzerland.

A dedicated commission will select the candidate based on his/her previous surgical experience and his/her ability to speak English and/or French.

To apply for this opportunity please send you CV and your application file to:

Dominique-François Gazielly, MD


Georges Kohut, MD