Dominique-Francois Gazielly M.D

Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery

Associate-Professor of Tia Tong Shanghai University

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Medical training

Secondary education at Lycée du Parc in Lyon (1954-1967)
Laureate of the Faculty of Medicine - University of Lyon, France (1968-1974)
Resident (1976-1981) and Fellow in Orthopaedic Surgery in Lyon and Saint-Etienne, France (1981-1985), in the services of Professors Georges de Morgues and Gilles Bousquet.


Military service

In 1975, I volunteer to work abroad for 18 months in Gabon, in a bush village, Akieni, near the borders of Congo. Family doctor, anaesthesiologist, surgeon, obstetrician... An unforgettable humanitarian adventure, where everyday gives you a lot of humbleness...


Dr Gazielly

Specialization in shoulder surgery

After Africa, this is my second adventure. in 1986, on the advice of my “Boss”, Professor Albert Trillat, I self-finance a shoulder fellowship in Toronto, Canada and New York in the USA. There, I learn the shoulder surgery, almost non-existent in Europe, but also the rehabilitation of the shoulder, with Charles Neer II, a worldwide well known surgeon, as well as Peter Welsh and Richard Hawkins. Shoulders shall not leave me in my future career.


Dr Gazielly Charles Neer II

Creation in Saint-Etienne of the first private unit specialized in shoulder surgery in Europe

Between 1986 and 1999, I experience another extraordinary human adventure, shared with family doctors, rhumatologists, radiologists and physiotherapists.
I write my first scientific publications and I continue to educate myself further in North America, where I learn arthroscopic shoulder surgery with Harvard Ellman and Stephen Snyder in the early 1990s.

International exchanges

Elected Member of the American (1986) and the European (1994) Shoulder and Elbow Society, I organize in Saint-Etienne, in 1996, a congress on the ” Rotator Cuff “, which brings together 700 experts from around the world. The work reports are gathered in a book, "The cuff “, written with two colleagues, Pascal Gleyze and Thierry Thomas.

At that time, I start to teach my first fellows, one Italian and the other one Israeli, who later became leading shoulder specialists in their country. This is also an exchange period where I get many colleagues, French and Europeans, who come to learn "modern" shoulder surgery.


Dr Gazielly Rotator Cuff


Back to Paris, my hometown (1999-2009)

Before moving from Saint-Etienne, I leave a trace of all the work done for the passed 13 years in a book : "The Daily  Shoulder". In Paris, I join an Upper Limb Institute, known worldwide, that allows me to train young surgeons from Europe, Lebanon, Egypt, South America, Japan, China etc. I organized in Paris in 2000, then in 2005, two conferences that bring together leading experts in the shoulder prosthesis and more than 1,000 participants. In 2006, I publish a third book, "Rehabilitation and Surgery of the Shoulder“.


Dr Gazielly The daily Shoulder


Discovery of China

In 2006, appointed Associate-Professor at the University of Shanghai Tiao Tong, I have the privilege of giving a series of lectures in Shanghai on shoulder surgery.


Dr Gazielly Associate-professor


Creating shoulder units in the Middle East

From the 2000s, I create shoulder units at the request of the authorities of different countries where I am invited for conferences : Doha (Emirate of Qatar), Jeddah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Muscat (Sultanate of Oman), Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Another exciting opening for transmitting my knowledge and practice of my art in a culture made ​​of tolerance and friendship. 

Creation of a Shoulder Unit at the Dubaï Hospital (2004-2013) 

Dr Gazielly Dubai Dr Gazielly Dubai Shoulder Center


Nomination as a Consultant since 2006 in the Department of Orthopaedics University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG)

Another period of companionship starts with young Swiss surgeons in a famous university department chaired by my friend Pr Pierre Hoffmeyer, where I develop shoulder arthroscopy and publish scientific papers.


Installation as a shoulder surgeon in Switzerland, in the Clinic Genolier (Group Genolier Swiss Medical Network)

In 2012, after Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Paris and many other cities in the world, I am happy to do my job in Switzerland, in a prestigious private hospital, with a fantastic setting above Lake Geneva, facing the Mont-Blanc.